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Here are a few actual user reviews/testimonials I have discovered on the web about blu cigs.

I am a fellow Blu cig user. I wasn’t too sure about them at first but I ordered them anyway and was quite surprised with how real they are. I’ve since quit tobacco cigs.
[Angy from]

I love my blu ecigs. I got mine in 4 days after i ordered them. And have not smoked a traditional cig in over two weeks now.
[David from]

coming up on 72 hours of no tobacco – just using the blu. I purchased 4 months ago along with 5 bottles of refill. Got up on dec 22 2010 and a tobacco cig didnt sound good. Hey man – 3 days no tobacco – looks like a good thing to me. food allready taste like 10 times better. looks like food may become a delicious problem… The way i smoke it it is take 2 small puffs… gets it warmed up.. take a longer pull and get a big dose of vapor… do that a couple times your good to go…. pretty slick…
[Sean from]

I ordered Blu due to there is no auto-rebilling that the other companies suck you into. That is a rip off. If you dont like there product it will takes months of charges before they stop billing your credit card. Blu bill’s only what you order, no auto rebilling and you can stop at anytime you want, no hassle. The product itself is great. I have been using it for about 7 months and have reordered a couple times with no issues. And the cost is very reasonable and affordable. My only issue is I misplace the cig from time to time but at $10.00 to replace a battery not a big issue. Love the product and the fact that is does not have any odor, ash or extras, I dont have to give a moocher a cig.:-)
[RJ from]

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